The very first time I took a whirl around the pole in my first pole dance class, I was hooked! Little did I know that it would become such a cornerstone of my life.

If you’ve read my posts before or if you’ve met me, you know that my fitness journey is paramount to me. I had always been active in life. I started dance in the 2nd grade and naturally fell into competitive dance. In my dancing prime, I was placing and winning at nationals and internationals, both individually and with my high school and collegiate dance teams respectively in jazz, pom, novelty, hip-hop, and kick-line (my personal fave). When I’m feeling nostalgic, YouTube always brings me back. During the off season, I played Powderpuff Football, was a dance instructor for middle school teams, and played left field in softball (my arm is not as good anymore). 

After a tough experience in college, I coped with my depression by emotionally eating  and lost my drive to hit the gym. As is the case in my life, I inherited the stubborn set of genes from one parent; the ones where you can easily put on weight. Needless to say, I decided to make a change. 

Beginning in June 2016, I really bunkered down on retraining my mind and body about eating well and healthily and began going to the gym. By January 2019, I was down over 100lbs and 20″ total. However, I felt stagnant. How long can you lift weights and do HIIT (high intensity interval training) before you’re just bored. 

So, last month (February 2019), after reading the same website ten times over (I feel like that’s what you all do before you book me), I FINALLY took the plunge. I signed up for a four week “Intro to Pole” course. That first class was a blast and I often excitedly shared with my friends all that I was learning. If I found myself near a pole, I would practice on it. 

I took to the pole pretty easily *laughs*. My instructor asked me if I had ever worked as an exotic dancer before- that’s how quick I was at picking things up. Here we are almost two months into my pole journey and I’m in class about three to four times a week and I could not be happier. 

I’m naturally very strong but I have been feeling stronger than ever before. What I love most about pole fitness is how easily it will shatter your expectations about people’s bodies. There are classmates that are 5’3″ and 250+ pounds but are climbing to the top of the pole. I also have classmates that are 5’7″ and 165 pounds that are struggling to hold themselves up in a “Jasmine”. Pole completely destroys the argument that to be fit and healthy you must be skinny. 

So far, I’ve come out with a lot of bruises and sore skin but that’s because I push myself. I’ve eaten more of the mat, and sometimes the floor, than I care to admit. There is just this indescribable feeling of “badass-ness” when I’m using nothing but my thighs and abs to hold gravity defying positions. Pole fitness is getting me into even better shape and it’s given me some fabulous people that I’m getting to know in the hopes of being friends. 

Most importantly, this journey has my self-confidence flying through the roof, which is saying something because y’all know I’m already pretty damn confident. 

-London, xx

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