You thought I was going to talk about all the people I’d like to do bad things with and to, didn’t you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Sorry not sorry – but it got you here & that’s the point. 

I don’t do… New Year’s resolutions. They are, in my opinion, ridiculous. If you want to make a change, why wait till a specific day. I start changing the minute I know I want to & I’ve made my mind up. However, this list is not about resolutions, it’s about adventures I want to accomplish. And while I can absolutely accomplish them on my own, I rather accomplish them with you.

Let’s be honest, 2017 was a banner fuckin’ year for all of us politically, socially, globally, & for some of us, personally. However, we clawed our way back kicking & screaming, because as human beings we will always (1) fight to survive & (2) grow by overcoming challenges. I doubt 2018 will be easy, because, hello… we are adulating now & adulting is never easy. However, I am certain that 2018 won’t be too terrible because The Hoodwitch told me so. I am so serious, she told me so. She said that 2018 will be the time to confront “the results of our choices – not our intentions”, that means it’s time for actions, consequences, & learning how we move through them not avoiding them.

For me, it gets even better because there is full Moon (Super Moon actually) in my primary sign right on the 1st of the year. Due to this, I’m going to use this profound moment to let go of the hell that was 2017 to make room for the beauty & growth of 2018. I’ll be smudging my home, goal-setting/intention meditation, & cleaning out the old to make room for the new. It may be a little messy & intense but I promise myself that I will remain present in the moment. So, if you’re wondering what all of this is about…

Behold, my intense but awesome as hell Hit List of shenanigans I’d like to get into in 2018 to make it a beautiful year full of growth, great new memories, & continuous learning. If you’re a fella, or a lass, or a couple that enjoy the extended date, below are my ideas. Don’t worry – I’m always adding & I won’t hold you to anything.

London, xx


Activities:: Cliff jumping, snowboarding, spa day, tasting menu with wine pairings, go to the ballet, attend the opera (commence Richard Gere/Julia Roberts “Pretty Woman” moment), Warner Bros. Studios London, horseback riding, take a photo with the Queen’s Guard (London), visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture (Washington, D.C.), sip bourbon at a password protected speakeasy, drag racing, drag shows, attend live music shows, Sleep No More (NYC), helicopter ride (NYC or Chicago), movie premiere, mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby (Louisville, KY), shopping spree, sailing &/or yachting, camping, glamping, safari, tattoo date (not matching), Formula 1 racing in Montreal in June. 

Lessons:: Scuba diving, couples cooking class, flight classes, fencing, sailing classes, salsa/rumba/tango lessons, private pole dancing date (I learn the pole routine & you watch me perform it for you), gym session together, golf lessons, photography lessons, sommelier classes (preferably wine & scotch), shooting lessons (trying to get my Deadshot on), archery, mixology, yoga, massage. 

Minneapolis Date Idea/Restaurants: 

  1. Date Ideas: The Smash Room (literally break everything for a fee), Trapped Puzzle/Escape Rooms, First Ave for live music, a sporting event
  2. Restaurants: The Bachelor Farmer, Spoon & Stable, Restaurant Alma, Butcher & The Boar, Heyday, Corner Table

Risqué:: Take off my knickers on a dinner date in the bathroom & hand them to you when I sit back down, being collared in public (small choker), chastity (key holding), duos with one or some of my friends, mile high club, own my first piece of latex & wear it for you, bluetooth vibrators (use your imagination).

Favourite Places// Restaurants
In no particular order…

  1. London, England: Randall & Aubin (they RT me), China Tang (loved it), Dandelyon (one of my fave cocktail bars), A Wong, Jamavar, a sampling of London’s Michelin Star Restaurants 
  2. Edinburgh: The Timberyard, The Witchery by the Castle, The Kitchen, The Pompadour by Galvin, 21212, The Scran & Scallie, Mary’s Milk Bar.
  3. Tokyo: Shima, Fukamachi, L’Effervescence, Butagumi, Quintessence
  4. Chicago: Girl & The Goat, The Publican, Blackbird, Au Cheval
  5. Louisville, KY: Proof on Main, 610 Magnolia, Dragon King’s Daughter, Hammerheads, Holy Grale
  6. Montreal: Damas, Provisions, Mason Publique, Agrikol, Bouillon Bilk, Moleskine, Park
  7. Nashville, TN: The Southern, 404 Kitchen, Josephine, Butcher & Bee, The Treehouse Restaurant, The Farmhouse, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, City House, Henrietta Red, 
  8. Dallas, TX: Social House (Uptown for brunch), Ida Clare, Blind Butcher, Boulevardier, Cane Rosso (Deep Ellum), Mesa, Pecan Lodge, The Mansion
  9. Washington, D.C.: Duke’s Grocery, Republic, The Dabney, Hazel, Le Diplomat, 2941
  10. Richmond, VA: Heritage, The Roosevelt, Stellas, Nota Bene
  11. New Orleans: Coquette, Brigstons, Trinity, La Petite Grocery, 
  12. New York, NY: Dirty French, Mission Chinese Food, Balthazar, Gramercy Tavern, NoMad, 

New Places I’d Love to Visit

Abu Dhabi, Toronto, Paris, Sydney, San Francisco, Bali, Vancouver, Bangkok, Amalfi Coast, Vietnam, Singapore, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Berlin (I was there as a child but haven’t been back as an adult). 

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