1. Wearing cut-off jean shorts and crop tops while jamming out at home with the windows flung open and the Downtown Minneapolis skyline in my view or…
  2. Wearing cut-off jean shorts and crop tops while jamming out to these tunes with the windows down and the sun roof open as I drive down the interstate or…
  3. Wearing cut-off jean shorts and crop tops with a bathing suit underneath while hanging out near (or on) the water with music blasting from our family lake cabin

As a child of the Summer, I am innately connected to this time of year, mainly because of the shared carefree feelings associated with us. However, with Labour Day approaching ever so quickly (this Monday *gasp*), it is a reminder and unofficial sounding call that for many of us, Summer is over. While we all are only experts in our own experiences, feelings tend to be universal. So, even though Summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean the feelings have to be (plus, this playlist is great for early mornings and workouts). 

Go on and click the image. Then, throw open those windows (if you can), let the light in, and lay back with a mimosa, an extra spicy bloody mary, or a neat scotch. Now, imagine I’m there with you in those cut-off jean shorts and crop top, smiling with your hands in my hair, and us just drifting along with those carefree feelings as the music plays. 

LJ, xx

N.B. Playlist updated frequently. Click the image to be taken to the playlist.

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