Silence. In my opinion, silence is most often a source of great strength & the most powerful scream a person can muster. Silence speaks volumes without having to say a word but here’s the rub: silence is not empty, it’s chalk full of answers. Personally, I indulge in solitude & find peace in silence. There is a freedom in it. And this Fall, I’ve embraced it.

The Fall is my favourite time of year for a multitude of reasons. Monochromatic wardrobes, spiked apple cider, movies like Hocus Pocus & The Nightmare Before Christmas. There is Freeform’s (re: always ABC Family’s) “13 Nights of Halloween”, the leaves changing into fiery warm colours, their last burst of life, & I finally get to rock those layered outfits that look oh so good. Oh, & I finally get to indulge my inner basic white girl & order a PSL – just one though. That’s Pumpkin Spice Latte for those of you not in the know. However, what really makes my left eyebrow raise reminiscently like The Rock, is that the Fall is a time to reap what you sow, give thanks, & reflect on our life a bit. 

During the Spring Equinox, we planted the seeds. The Summer allowed us to tend to the garden. Now, the Fall is where we find ourselves harvesting all of our gains, giving thanks, & giving away what we no longer need, including the parts of ourselves we have outgrown. As I reflect & give thanks for my lives as both “LJ” & her host (re: in real life me), I am reminded that Winter is coming; a figurative death of sorts. Proactively, using this deeply thoughtful & introspective energy of the season to be still & a bit silent. Examining what pieces of myself require sloughing off because they no longer serve me &/or those around me. Meticulously & deliberately, making room for further cultivation & growth of the beautiful aspects of me. All things in life are a two way street, including our relationship with ourselves. And an empty cup cannot pour into others that which it does not have. 

This harvest for me is proving to be bountiful & I am beyond thankful. There are so many adventures in store this season & I cannot wait to share them with all of you. In due time, of course. Regardless, I plan on indulging in my solitude when I can, and finding peace in the silence. Although, I don’t know about y’all but this lass likes to contemplate “in silence” over a damn good playlist. And now, you have access to it too*. Enjoy!

London, xx

*To play the full tracks you’ll need the Spotify app. 

The Playlist

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