Oh hey there! At the time this is published, I will be in a dressing room slowly putting on a silky black thong, feeling how soft it is against my smooth caramel skin. Then slipping into a curve hugging black sweater dress and some thigh high boots. I am in my happy place. Why? Because I just wrapped up my photo shoot.

New York City often beckons me for two reasons. The first is the ability to reconnect with old friends and colleagues (unfortunately not this time). The second, to shoot with incredible photographers. It’s not that there aren’t photographers in Minneapolis but I rather shoot with someone who knows how to work with my skin tone and my body type. And I found just the right person. 

But photoshoots aren’t a breeze. Are they fun? Absolutely! Are they work? You’re damn right. Point your toes. Stick your butt out. Tighten your abs. Straighten your back. Drop your shoulders. Elongate your neck. Poke your chest out. Oh and move naturally. Uh… what? By the time I get out of a photo shoot, my body is tired. Despite working out and stretching, my body always feels like it got hit by a bus the morning after a shoot. It’s a different kind of workout. The way I carry through is by having a good rapport with the photographer and a damn good playlist. 

I’ve gotten to the point now where stripping down and standing in front of a photographer has become easy. They see bodies every day and I love mine. But music can help uplift the mood, make me feel more creative, and feel more powerful and sexy. 

My shoot playlist has a specific sequence. I like to start upbeat and get into it. Then I’ll slow it down for a more sexy, sultry, femme fatale vibe. Only to do it all over again. So, sit back and take a listen. You may just be able to imagine how adorable I looked in my pink pom hat and jeans or how sultry I looked in nothing but fishnet stockings in the sunlight.

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