The greatest gift is your time

wishes + Favorites

My life has never revolved around material possessions. Frankly, I’m practical to a fault often denying material pleasures to invest in stocks or pay a little extra on my student loans. A woman of humble beginnings, I have come to love and appreciate the quality of the finer things. Gifts are NEVER expected but if you’re feeling kind, I have an affinity for polished, feminine, vintage, and tailored pieces.

My favorite wishlist & gift cards are: Amazon Wishlist, Gift Rocket, Honey Birdette, Revolve, Delta Airlines, and Stockpile.

April 2019 Faves: Gift Cards to Williams-Sonoma, Wayfair, Amazon Gift Cards, and this Louis Vuitton Weekender bag

All gift cards may be sent to Thank you!

The Bee’s Knees

brown paper + twine  medium rare steak  a good gin & tonic or peaty scotch soul cycle + pole fitness + weight lifting • barefoot + heels American Muscle cars • luxe flights + chill road trips • sunsets by the water • puppy cuddles • history (antebellum South + French Revolution) • fly-over state politics



Black Girls Rock
Hope for Paws
Planned Parenthood + SWOP USA 
Wounded Warriors Project

I have not always lived a life of financial stability. Now that I do, giving back is paramount to me. 


clothes flat lay

Size US 12/UK 14 or XL | Shoes 8.5/39

Dresses/casual wear from Fashion Nova
active wear from Lululemon
Net-A-PorterSaks Fifth Avenue, Gift Rocket
heels from Christian Louboutin & Tom Ford
Accessories from Chanel, Givenchy, Goyard, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, YSL

Fashion is temporary but style is forever. I’m not sure when my eye for style started to improve but I’m glad it did. I love when a fella picks something out for me, so indulge for the both of us. 



Lyft or Uber
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hotels
soft luggage from Louis Vuitton
Hard luggage from Tumi

Travel. Money will return in time. Our time will not. 



Bra: 36E // Knicker: XL // Suspender: XL

lush robes from Catherine D’Lish
lingerie from Honey Birdette, Bordelle, Fluer de Mal, Journelle, Studio PIA
from Marlies Dekkers
Photoshoot Sponsorships* to Black Lotus, IL Sensual or Gift Rocket for other photogs

*Photoshoots are an investment for my brand and business. Sponsoring a shoot shows you are as invested in my success. Plus, you get behind the scenes photos for your eyes only. 



bubbly like vueve & smoky bourbon
toffee, fresh fruit, & smoked salmon
fusion, sushi, & farm to table
michelin stars + dive bars
Minneapolis Eats

Food has the ability to bring folks together. Let’s share a meal  in a dimly lit restaurant or let’s cook something up together.



as we evolve so does our taste

organization with the Container Store
geeked out tech with Apple + Best Buy
meal prep with Whole Foods
from Z Gallerie or Overstock
decorations Wayfair and/or William- Sanomathe #1 catch all, Amazon

I cannot believe I am moving… again. This time to a newly built condo. Help me create the perfect shag pad for us to laugh and get lost in.